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Shinya Lin is a contemporary music performer-composer-improviser based in New York. For him, art is inseparable from the ordinary lifestyle, people gathered and connected, naturally, and began to realize the idea of life.

Shinya’s vision of founding Chaospace is to create an open-minded multidisciplinary community for Asian artists as curators. Where artists in Chaospace are mutually respected and are able to develop their practices that support their visions, most importantly, a place that gathers exchanging ideas and promotes cultural interactions

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Chen Shuhe Yue is a composer, soprano, and cross-genre artist. Her creative works incorporate choreographed movement, installation art, multi-media, instrumental practice, and theatrical elements. She frequently performs new vocal music as a soprano, including experimental operas and theater works.

Yue's vision in establishing Chaospace is to cultivate a collaborative interdisciplinary community. Her main focus will be the DramaEtMusica series, featuring music theater works and innovative experimental operas. With this initiative, she aims to advance the arts and expand the boundaries of creative expression.


Leo Chang is a Korean improviser, composer and performer. Born in Seoul, Leo lived as an expat in Singapore, Taipei, and Shanghai, until moving to the United States in 2011. His art is an act of home-making inspired by various musical and ideological movements that have sought to question power dynamics and imagine freedom within egalitarian possibilities. His primary methods are free improvisation, written text, graphical notation, and electronic processing. Leo’s projects have been presented and supported by the Vision Festival, Roulette Intermedium, Korea Foundation, Ostrava Days New Music Festival, New York City Electro-Acoustic Music Festival, Brooklyn Arts Council, and EMPAC at Rensselaer, among others.


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Ken Yin is an educator and a visual artist with practice in photography and filmmaking. Of international background and studies in social science and technology, he has fostered extensive interests in arts around humanity, technology, and education.

Via documenting and storytelling, Ken utilizes interdisciplinary elements to present arts around humanity. Over the years, Ken has collaborated with artists across mediums and advanced educational works with tech-driven solutions.

As a result of his unceasing willingness to community building, he cofounded Chasopace with artists who share the scope. At Chaospace, he is one of the core members of operation team and persists the contribution to Asian and international cultures.

Ivy Fu is a sound artist, curator, and a researcher of surveillance, eavesdropping and sensory spaces currently studying in the Digital Musics program at Dartmouth under Ash Fure and Cesar Alvarez. Using improvisational movements, generative visuals, anti-communicative technology, and homemade circuits, she creates organic sensory dwellings, sentient machines and self-regenerative ecospheres that provide fugitive spaces for identity in crisis, territories that are sonically transgressed, and complex historic and personal narratives that desire to be further examined. She recently completed her first installation as part of the artist duo the universal machine. Their project Ear Zero realized her original prototype of the Deleuzian body without organs, an inverted ear that only annihilates sounds in its listening act, through co-constructing a sentient, womb-like feedback machine. Her works have been featured in The Allen Memorial Museum of Art, Cleveland Museum of Art, Fireland Association of Art, The Shed, The Atlantic Center for the Arts, Hashtag gallery, International Contemporary Ensemble, the She Scores music festival, and Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt.

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