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Chaospace is an emerging community founded by Shinya Lin, Ken Yin, Xuwei Wu, Chen Shuhe Yue, based in New York City, that is dedicated to support Asian artists'  curations in all disciplines.


Our mission is to promote artists’ exceptional works by curating performing series, events, and recordings. We also provide opportunities for artists to present their visions and experiences through workshops and seminars.


Furthermore, we organize gatherings and forums to facilitate cultural exchange and discussion with freedom of speech. We believe in providing a platform for mutual mentorship, allowing artists to experiment with thoughtful voices and collaborate with the public.

We found that Asian artists were very dispersed and separated through many other communities, lacking access to mentorship or role models who shared their cultural experiences. Through our community, we hope to bridge this gap and create a space where Asian artists can come together, share their experiences, and receive support and guidance from others in their community.

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