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Our Records

At our record label, we are committed to promoting and recording the exceptional works of Asian artists, as well as artists affiliated with Chaospace. We also provide a platform for artists to showcase their unique visions and dedicated works. We believe that every living artist deserves the opportunity to share their strong works without having to navigate a hierarchical industry, and we are dedicated to helping them present their visions. We celebrate the vibrant diversity of Asian artists and support the next generation of talent.



Shinya Lin

MA was inspired by a trip realizing the breath of life, the interconnection between life and surroundings, the interpenetrations of life experiences, the liveness resonated with the present, thus waking us up to the very life we are being. Where “Giving” is one of Shinya's most important life practices "everything in every life is essential, the moment we breath in we immediately feeling the life itself, being open to everything, being compassionate and loving others; dedicating the self with no ego, no takes, just giving and embracing, like Mother Nature"

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