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DramaEtMusica Series

DramaEtMusica Series

DramaEtMusica is a multi-disciplinary performing series curated by Chen Shuhe Yue, focusing on Music theater, Experimental Opera, and Cross-genre arts. DramaEtMusica was originally an online blog elaborating topics on Opera and Vocal music, which Yue started in China since 2017.

The performing series features collaborative works that involve artists from diverse fields. Its aim is to explore the great possibilities that incorporate space and sound. Through opening up every aspect of the human senses, this series presents comprehensive artworks and unexpected elements that push the boundaries of traditional performing arts.



We feature collaborative projects in different ways, including but not limited to Co-composition projects,  Composer-performer projects, Installation and live performing projects, Sound and technology projects, and visual arts with sounds projects... 



Our repertoire encompasses a diverse range of genres and styles, comprising acoustic chamber music, electronic music (featuring computer-generated sounds and electronic instruments), and improvisation, among other forms.



Our collaborations with choreographers take on various forms, including composing music for both choreographers and dancers, engaging in improvisational work with choreographers, and conducting workshops with choreographers to create a comprehensive piece.



Our projects include Musical drama, Immersive theater, Street theater, and Operas. Featuring the theme of renowned playwrights such as Shakespeare, Chekhov, and Jean Genet.



We are constantly pushing boundaries and expanding our horizons through ongoing exploration.

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